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About Lexi

I first started in business back in 2015 – you know, before the plague, the AI takeover, and Musk’s ill-fated acquisition of Twitter (sorry, “X”). Despite the relative calm of yesteryear, I was completely unprepared for the mental, emotional, and social hurdles I’d have to overcome, and after a few false starts and ugly-cry breakdowns, I found an incredibly supportive mentor and, crucially, a bloody good therapist who was up for a challenge.

With a sloshing bucket of hard-earned experience dripping on my toes, I’m setting out to help other freelancers who want to get their feet wet by instilling some unshakeable confidence, imparting sage wisdom, and offering an almost cringe-worthy amount of encouragement reminiscent of your mum at primary-school sports day. I might even bring snacks.

If you’re involved in B2B or business SaaS and would like to talk about affiliate, sponsorship, or advertising opportunities, please get in touch via Linkedin to discuss.

If you’re local to Leicester, I may be bribed beyond of the suburban sanctum of my house (and my cozy pyjamas) for an in-person meeting to discuss collaboration with either coffee, carrot cake, or an inconspicuously (ie, “purse”)-sized bottle of Disaronno, depending on the mood you’re going for.

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Calling out manipulative marketing

To paint a picture: the main offenders (in my experience) are typically 30-something charismatic white dudes who talk a big game about climbing out of poverty. They have thousands of followers thanks to their straight-talking, no-fluff, no-BS approach to building businesses.

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